Impossible List

This list is inspired by Joel Runyon’s “Impossible List”, started in August 2016.

Since high school, I’ve been adding both mentally and physically challenging goals and experiences to lists that will help myself grow and feed my brain’s desire to have some quantitative measurement of “success”. This isn’t just a bucket list; the impossible list is different.

These goals are meant to seem "impossible" now but will grow and evolve as time goes on and goals are checked off. It’s a living, publicly-accessible list to keep me accountable. Want to know where I'm headed? Check it out below – and by all means, create one of your own!


Career + Business


Health + Fitness



Events + Activities


*This is by far my greatest and more important goal. “Education” is vague because this could be in the form of building schools, donating books or scientific materials, teaching, tutoring, etc. Providing a quality education matters much more than the number. I will consequently have to estimate these milestones and determine more concrete definitions as I progress on this journey.

A large part of my focus on education involves ideating innovative solutions, playing to my strengths in product design and development and topics related to HCI.